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Bespoke Memorial Feather Balloon

Bespoke Memorial Feather Balloon

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This memorial balloon is ideal for weddings to decorate a corner dedicated for a deceased loved one . It can be customised as a memorial or funeral balloon for mum,dad,nan,grandad, or a friend or any loved one. The balloon is filled with white feathers and finished with white organza tail with a satin ribbon.
The balloon is inflated with helium and will arrive wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a large brown box tied with ribbons. When the recipient opens the box, the balloon will graciously float out.

If you mark your order as a gift and leave a short gift message, we will attach a small gift tag on the balloon tail and we can hand write your short personal message on the tag for free.

Our bubble balloons should float for at least 7 days. But whilst we pride ourselves on the durability and floating ability of our balloons, THEY ARE PERISHABLE. THEY LOOK BEST AT THEIR FRESHEST. After a few days the vinyl print will manifest wrinkles which is inevitable as the balloon slowly reduces in size.

Please place your order and have your balloons delivered closer to the date of your event. We will dispatch your item based on the Expected Delivery Dates set by Etsy. Delivery is from Monday to Friday only.

You can pre order but not earlier than 14 days before the balloon is required. Please leave a note to the seller to indicate when the balloon is needed for. We will aim to deliver 1-2 days before the nominated date.

Please open and check your balloon on receipt and take it out of the box. Leave it floating in a warm safe place. Keep it away from extreme temperatures and always remember to handle it with extra care. Any concerns must be reported to us within 48 hours of delivery in order for us to be able to assist you.

In the unlikely event of a delivery being delayed due to circumstances beyond our control we will refund the delivery costs but the cost of the balloon will not be refunded.

For any questions, issues and concerns about our products, please get in touch. We will always try to help.